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Passionate About Inspiring Others

The term Keep Left derives from my adolescent years. I was living in the Virgin Islands, and we drove on the left side of the rode in American made vehicles. All across the the island were signs posted that stated, "KEEP LEFT" in big bold letters with an arrow pointing not always in the left direction. The name is synonymous with my home, my upbringing, any my own journey of addiction and recovery.

I began Keep Left Recovery to bring individualized counseling to clients outside of treatment. Whether your goal is abstinence or harm reduction, my job it help you discover who you really are and help you build a better you and a better life. 

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My journey began in January 2014 after I had run my life into the ground and had to say the hardest 3 words for an addict: I need help. I found myself surrounded by professional substance abuse counselors who went above and beyond. They were available 24/7 and helped me walk through some of the toughest moments of that first year. 

Since starting Keep Left Recovery, I have been able to offer clients what treatment centers cannot: true personal individualized counseling and coaching. The sad truth is that individuals can get lost in the shuffle at treatment centers that are understaffed and overworked. With Keep Left Recovery, all clients are given the undivided attention they deserve and access to immediate help from my team of sober mentors, life coaches, yoga guides, licensed therapists, and sober companions. 

  • CADC - II

  • BA in Substance Abuse Counseling

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